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Welcome to The Latin Post

A print and online Newspaper with information and news to keep you informed. From local events to weddings and news in the Hispanic community we will keep you informed.

Please check back very soon as we are making changes to The Latin Post.

Find the latest news, events, and the best wedding photographers in the Hispanic community along with much more. Not only events in the Hispanic community Per the former editor of The Latin Post you will find the following. In The Latin Post you will find a wide range of exclusive news on local and international politics, sports, Show business, Real & Estate, Community, Exclusive photos and everything that happens in the world from a different perspective.  Along with most of our regular advertisers many North Carolina Wedding Venues and other wedding vendors in the country are now our partners. Our goal is to present the news differently, but always attached to professional ethics that news is reported in. At The Latin Post we are a magazine that runs every Tuesday in the tri-state area, New York, New Jersey and Connecticut and now nationwide in our online version. For the separately run issues of The Latin Post in New York the price per unit is 50 cents and have an initial print run of 30,000 copies. Thank you for supporting The Latin Post as your source for News and Information. Our content is as follows: 50% Politics Sports 10% Entertainment 25% 10% General News Others 5% Sincerely (Publisher)

We will keep you informed as we update our website. For brides looking for wedding photographers in Charlotte NC feel free to visit us online by going to our website for brides looking for a North Carolina wedding photographers in Charlotte. We also will keep you informed with all of the latest information from bridal shows in the area for brides looking for wedding information from wedding guides and directories like the one for bridal shows and more BridalShow.Co for all of your wedding needs you will find all this and more.

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